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Supporting Your Creative Business Journey

There's more than one road to success.

Your creative career is a journey. Let’s plan the route.

There is no straight road when it comes to creative businesses- and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

We help you create a clear map of the support and services you need to create, scale and grow your creative business. And we do it with an understanding of you, your clients and the landscape you want to change.

CEO has been the only organisation in Scotland to fully understand the creative industries and understand what my challenges are in setting up a cultural organisation outside the central belt of Scotland.

Studying to Working

Do what you love.

Create your business

Bring something into existence.

Scale your business

Expand your reach while keeping things small.

Grow your business

Do what you love.

What's Next?

No matter what your next step, CEO can help. Stay on top of all our offers and programmes, sign up here.