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Sarah Drummond


Sarah is the Co-Founder and Director of Snook, an award-winning Service Design Agency working globally to create great experiences.

Sarah’s service design expertise and public sector innovation knowledge has recently taken her to keynote in Taiwan, Australia and America and given her the opportunity to work for Edinburgh Council, Glasgow Future Cities, Stirling Council, NHS24, Scottish Government, Skills Development Scotland, NHS Education Scotland, British Council, Architecture and Design Scotland and STV. 

Sarah focuses on making social change happen by re-thinking public services from a human perspective. With a Masters of Design Innovation from Glasgow School of Art, Sarah is a social entrepreneur, working on how the value of design on the inside and outside of government and defining a meaningful role for designers within the public sector. Her work challenges the role design can play within the public sector, and as the winner of the first Scottish Social Innovation Camp, Sarah is ambitiously challenging the way governments operate and make policies through initiatives such as MyPolice.

As a fellow of Google, Sarah has a flair for using technology as an enabler and thrives leading processes of change, putting design at the heart of organisations and complex systems. In collaboration with Young Scot and an initiative of Snook, Sarah set up The Matter, a programme for young people that teaches them how to research, design and publish their own newspaper in response to a question set by an authority or organisation. 

Sarah is also the co-founder and director of CycleHack, a company on the mission to reduce barriers to cycling by bringing people together to prototype solutions. Starting with Glasgow, in one year the movement grew to 40 signed up cities and spawned a viral hack called Penny in Your Pants, reaching over 3.2 million cyclists.

In her spare time she runs Dearest Scotland, a letter writing campaign that India have replicated.


  • How to use design to support service ambitions
  • Evaluating the service that comes with your practice or creative business offer
  • Building a robust action plan to take your idea from concept to reality
  • How to prototype your idea quickly and cheaply
  • How to use technology as an enabler
  • How to stay true to your brand

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