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Business Performance

Caroline Parkinson

Business Planning 

Caroline has worked in the creative industries and skills for 25 years, latterly as a director in Creative Scotland. She studied business and led her own businesses (in fashion, photography, and project management), and has supported companies through significant change, redesigned their businesses and mentored the business leaders throughout the process. Her focus is on helping creatives realise their potential through their practice/business or support leaders through organisational change.

Marie McQuade

Business Models

Marie McQuade runs Creative Cahoots which helps organisations grow. She works with individuals and teams to develop strategies, enhance their leadership, increase their creativity and basically grow for good. She founded the company in 2014 after two decades growing charities across Scotland, UK and internationally. She has an ongoing role as Director of Innovation and Culture at Maggie’s Cancer Caring Centres and is a trustee of Voluntary Action Fund. Marie supports creative businesses to better understand their vision, value and business model and to create a practical plan for sustained growth.


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