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Leaders in Transition

Helping creative leaders get unstuck

Leaders in Transition

Scotland’s leadership support landscape has some amazing offers, but there exists a gap- creative leaders who are mid-career and looking to make a change. Often these leaders are highly-respected, experienced professionals who are at the peak of their game and poised to take themselves, and the sector, to the next level. Unfortunately, many do not have the reflective space and sounding board to make these decisions to change.

A coach serves as an accountability partner who challenges clients to strategise and develop their goals, while aligning efforts toward achieving them. And CEO is happy to provide Scotland’s creative leaders the space and expertise to do just that through the development of coaching offer specifically for Leaders in Transition.

Participants confirm that not only have their personal (increase in confidence) and professional (increasing rates for services) lives been impacted for the better, but that the programme has impacted creative sector employment by creating more jobs (new staff) and impacted the sectors economic development (exporting internationally).

What difference has Leaders in Transition made?

  • 20 of Scotland’s creative leaders have made a change impacting their creative sector, businesses, careers and personal lives.
  • The changes made by these creative leaders have had a direct and indirect impact on Scotland’s creative industry employment and sectoral economic development.
  • New jobs have been developed, new business models implemented, new businesses created and new levels of leadership achieved.
  • This programme has facilitated an innovative peer-to-peer network of Scottish Creative leaders providing a solution to leadership isolation..

‘Having one-to-one leadership coaching of this kind is priceless. Getting it for free seems too good to be true. I’m very grateful to CEO for Leaders in Transition.’

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