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Scottish Enterprise

Scotland’s main economic development agency.

Scottish Enterprise is dedicated to helping ambitious, globally focused Scottish companies to grow at home and abroad.

The agency provides training and support to companies with high growth potential based in Scotland.

They support companies to attract investment, develop management teams, do business outside of Scotland, develop the organisation, develop new products and services, find new opportunities, improve business practices and provide support for entrepreneurs.

Scottish Enterprise works across all sectors, including creative industries, with a particular emphasis on companies with growth ambitions. They also partner with other organisations to deliver training programmes that support creative businesses.

How to access support?

Scottish Enterprise is usually the most appropriate “first port of call” for a creative business.

It is a publicly funded service contributing to the economic well being of Scotland by providing access to free business support services. They give assistance and impartial advice to people starting or growing their business by a combination of online support, a comprehensive website with practical information and useful guides, a programme of fully funded local workshops and events held throughout Scotland. They also give advice to suit specific business needs through a network of experienced business advisers.

Scottish Enterprise publishes information on the areas of business support on their website. Where a company is account managed, there is a close relationship between the business an an appointed account manager. Both will work together to plan the opportunites for growth, and Scottish Enterprise will often match fund areas of support within the business. To become account managed you have to demonstrate that you have high growth potential and be able to grow.

There are a number of opportunities to access their services at the start of your business journey; all contained on the website.

Account Managed

The business has the potential to be considered for inclusion in the Account Mananged Growth Portfolio within 12 months and must have the potential for Sales Growth of £1m (within 3 years of becoming Account Managed).

The characteristics demonstrated could include:

  • Priority Industry Fit – ideally but not exclusively
  • Potential for new product or service development
  • Innovative (in the widest sense)
  • Market potential beyond the UK
  • A strong management team
  • Willingness to engage with SE
  • Entrepreneurial Spirit