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Defining Your Work

This worksheet can form a basis for planning your business. It will help to clarify your aims by describing clearly what you do and plan to do.

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To help define your work, ask yourself:

  • What sort of work do you create?
  • Who do you create it for?
  • Where do you show it?
  • How do you pay for it?

The answers to these questions will form the basis of planning your business. You need to be able to describe what you do, and plan to do, clearly and simply.

Defining Your Work

Each strand of work (or project) will need a specific set of answers to the above. Finding the right information for each will help you identify and engage the right audiences, clients, peers, partners, funders, investors, distributors, colleagues, supporters and media.

This worksheet gives you space to answer the questions, and to check the evidence you have (or need to produce) to support each answer. Evidence might include documentation that demonstrates the work you make, relationships with your audience or market research relevant to your field.

Disclaimer: We want to keep you in the know, so we offer a wide selection of useful resources. But Cultural Enterprise Office isn’t responsible for the advice and information of external organisations in this document. So if you have any questions, please contact the specific organisation directly. 

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