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Create your business

Create /kriːˈeɪt/ : to bring (something) into existence.

Few things are more exciting time than setting up your own creative business.

Channel that energy and vision into making the right choices – the wrong ones could derail you.

CEO can support you in several ways: throwing your idea around the room to help evolve it; assessing the best option in terms of legal structure; helping to develop your branding; bringing perspective to the financials and much more.


Design Your Practice

Design Your Practice is an 8 week programme that will help you earn more, focus your skills and talent, avoid costly mistakes, find new friends and collaborators, manage your time and energy and give you a grounding in business which will let your creative practice flourish and grow.

The programme covers costing and pricing your work, marketing your services, planning and business structures and finance and administration. It is designed with creatives in mind and is visually driven and thoughtfully designed.

‘CEO has been the only organisation in Scotland to fully understand the creative industries and understand what my challenges are in setting up a cultural organisation outside the central belt of Scotland.’

Creative Entrepreneurs | Create, Scale & Grow.

Professional Development Planning(PDP)

Running Your Business

Costing & Pricing