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Growth /ɡrəʊθ/ : adding revenue and resources at the same rate.

You’ve got your business to a certain size. What next? Continue as you are or take it to the next level?

Growth is natural, but it requires thought. What’s the best method? Organic growth? Acquisition? Entering new markets? Launching new ranges?

Sometimes growth opportunities come out of the blue: a business is unexpectedly put up for sale or a partnership possibility materialises. Other times it’s planned: you need to move to more suitable premises and that means increased overheads, necessitating growth to cover the costs.

As with scaling up, finance is a key consideration, but it can also be a time to reconsider structure, and, for some, it may involve taking on staff for the first time.

All things we’re used to dealing with. Book now to talk it through with us.

‘CEO has been the only organisation in Scotland to fully understand the creative industries and understand what my challenges are in setting up a cultural organisation outside the central belt of Scotland.’

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