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Our team

We're on it.

A team of creative thinkers, makers and doers.

We are a small and mighty team of creative business entrepreneurs and innovators with an international reach.

Our daily drive is to further enhance what we do well and meet the needs of the creative industries changing environment. As well as enabling good practise, realising and measuring impact, we create and nurture new collaborations and partnerships for the benefit of the creative sector.

Our curiosity about all things creative as well as how Scotland’s creatives influence and drive their businesses locally and globally keeps us passionate about all that we do.
We are here to do two things; firstly, to respond to sector need, enabling the Creative Industries to maximise their impact economically, socially, creatively, environmentally and culturally and secondly, to create the conditions for future leaders, businesses and ideas to flourish.

Rachael Brown

Chief Executive Officer

David Smith

Creative Producer

Alan Dibble

Fashion Foundry Director

Ciorstaidh Monk

Fashion Foundry Project Co-ordinator

Sandy Thomson

In-house Adviser

Keith Charters

In-house Adviser

Kirsten Beaton

Administrative Assistant