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Approaching a Gallery

Before you make an approach decide the type of gallery you want to talk to and what you want to achieve.  Every space is different – some focus on sales, others on exhibiting and sometimes education. Galleries that already have an affinity with your work should be at the top of your list. 

Checking websites, reading reviews and attending exhibitions are good ways to get familiar with a gallery’s exhibition programme. Try to get on mailing lists for private viewings and talk to artists who have shown at the gallery. Remember art fairs and festivals allow you to see numerous galleries at the same time. 

Some galleries prefer to approach you. So make sure your work is visible to curators and gallery owners. Taking part in group exhibitions, applying for awards and residencies can help bring you to their attention. 

Although most galleries expect high quality digital images, you should always confirm their performed format. Are they happy to review websites or would they prefer selected images? They may also want your CV, recent reviews or a statement – so ensure you have up-to-date versions of these too. The Artist Statement Guide will help you. 

Artquest has insights into approaching galleries given by commercial, regional and public gallery curators and owners. 

The Design Trust offers top tips on how to approach a craft gallery or shop successfully. 

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